Mahjongg Solitaire
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Mahjongg - This is what we're all about! is an online initiative to create a collection of online mahjongg solitaire games,
Except for the games, we also included few intersting facts about the games rules, origin and history.

Introduction to Mahjongg

Mahjongg is founded on a traditional Chinese game whose derivations are believed to date back about 3000 years.
This edition has resemblances to solitaire played with the cards as well as also with the dominos ever since it is played with the tiles.
The first impression of game is that it would rapidly turn out to be uninteresting.
However having played it for some while, you would discover out that it is rather addictive in spite of its apparent effortlessness.
Mahjongg, also spelled as mah-jongg or mah-jong is the game of Chinese origin. Dating to more than 2000 years back, Mahjongg is supposed to have invented in court of King of Wu.

The purpose of the game is to eradicate as many tiles from playing board as feasible in the rules of game.
Tiles are at all times detached in the pairs and could just be removed from left or right edges.
Any tile which is not on the left or the right edge is measured blocked as well as cannot be detached.
Though the tiles are arranged in five levels and every level has a left in addition to the right edge therefore there are a lot of more unblocked tiles than it will first come into view.

Online editions of the game are obtainable on the Internet. There are a number of types of online mahjongg, with striking alternatives that are certain to keep you hooked for long hours.
These games include lots of challenging tile layouts for equal to nine levels, different game layouts and types (360 or also more), in addition to tile sets. They even have interesting selection of backgrounds as well as background music.

The tiles are even being planned imaginatively to be more striking in the designs such as: flags, marine life, astrology, nature, traffic signs, space, Egyptian, warning signs, medieval fantasy, bugs, music, buildings, Chinese zodiac, communication, tools, colors and food.
The game could be modified with these alternatives as per your wish. The best part of online Mahjongg is the undo; hint and the shuffle features, which, guarantee you to not get stuck.

Mahjong is fantastic test of skill and intelligence and after years of practice the game can still be settled by the skill of your opponent.

Mahjongg is the game for 4 players that instigated in China.
Mahjong entails ability, policy, and computation, in addition to a certain degree of possibility Depending on difference which is played, fortune could be anything from the slight to a leading issue in achievement.
In the game, every player is dealt either 13 or 16 tiles in a hand (depending on variation being played). On their turn, players draw the tile as well as discard one, with the objective of making 4 or 5 melds (also depending on variation) as well as one pair, or "head". Winning appears "on the draw", by drawing an original or a discarded tile which completes the hand. Therefore a winning hand in fact contains 14 (or 17) tiles.

There are a lot of variations of the game, most significantly Chinese, American and the Japanese versions.
Nowadays, Mahjongg is a global game with the tournaments being held all across the world comprising the Mahjong World finals.
For this, original rules of game have been devised with original patterns for playing and scoring. Mahjongg Solitaire (also known as Shanghai) is amongst the most well-liked Mahjongg games.

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